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Australia is a land of extremes and one of the harshest environments on earth.

Across its three million square miles in almost every climatic condition encountered

in the world, along with others that are unique to the Continent.


From deserts and tropical rainforests to snow-capped mountains, the world’s largest island presents tough challenges when it comes to transportation.


It’s these challenges that provided us the foundation on which to create the innovative, ultra-efficient mobility solutions that are at the heart of every H2X vehicle we design and make.


Purpose-designed for specific climatic environments and functional applications - from short inner-city journeys to long-haul-marathons - every vehicle in our developing range incorporates zero-emissions technologies that capitalize on Australia’s thrusting culture of sustainable living and innovation.


This, together with the nation’s renewable energy platform - focused on solar, wind, and waste-driven hydrogen - has enabled us to develop in unison a new era of sustainable, efficient, powered transport for Australia… and beyond.

This is H2X:


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Brendan Norman

Chief Executive Officer

Born: Melbourne (Australia) 


Having almost 30 years of experience all over the world, mainly in leading positions with BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen. Over 12 years of experience working with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

"We are blessed in Australia with a wide range of resources, incredible social dynamics with cultural diversity, and a series of challenges. H2X has the ability to take all of this into account and create the most sustainable solutions to our motorized needs."

Peter Zienau

Chief Powertrain and Product Officer

Born: Dortmund (Germany)

More than 20 years in automotive with GM/Saab. Highlights: Establishing hybrid and electrification programs and responsible for platform development. The major contributor to the sale of Saab Automobile from GM to Spyker. CEO for a Science & Technology Park supporting start-up companies, renewable energy projects in collaboration with companies academies & governments. And start-up of a space incubator.

"This is the time to provide Hydrogen solutions to a broad range of customers looking towards decarbonization possibilities. H2X understands this has to be run as a marathon, considering a long-term perspective to bring together the complete holistic approach towards customer satisfaction and a contribution towards a less polluted earth"


Chief Technology Officer

Born: Coventry (UK)

Over 30 years in the Automotive industry developing vehicles from concept through to production. Major highlights include working on the Volvo VN2000 truck, Lotus Elise II, Opel Speedster, Aston Martin Vanquish, original Tesla Roadster, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio and Karma Revero GT. The past few years has been focussed on design and development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles bringing his wide knowledge and Innovative thinking in multiple vehicle architectures and materials to create sustainable and high quality earth friendly products.

“It is a big drive of mine to utilize my years of experience and knowledge in this industry to finally be creating a positive impact on the world and bring unique and effective transportation solutions into reality. Being involved at the beginning of this next wave of change in the Automotive Industry is a challenge I embrace fully.”

Chris Reitz

Chief Design Officer / Head of Europe

Born: Salzburg (Austria)

Began his career at Volkswagen, moving later to Audi where he oversaw Advanced Design. At Nissan, he occupied the role of Chief Designer, Nissan Europe, and was a member of the Global Nissan Design Strategy. A move to brand Fiat as Chief Designer saw Chris create a series of iconic car models, before his role as Design Director for Alfa Romeo/Maserati. 
Establishing his own design studio over a decade ago, Chris has penned significant vehicles, combining his design skills with a keen accent on sustainability.

His design philosophy is best illustrated by his re-imagining of a famous quote by his family legazy , Ferry Porsche:

“We couldn’t find a real sustainable car of our dreams, so we decided to build it ourselves.”

Alan Marder

Chief Marketing and Strategy

Officer / Head of Americas

Born: Chicago (USA)

Has over 35 years experience in start-ups in the transportation, supply chain and distribution industry.  He has a unique background in telematics, Hydrogen Fuel Cells and vehicle manufacturing.

"I have been involved in  6 technology start-ups. H2X has the most professional, experienced, and competent management team I have ever worked with.  H2X will bring a uniquely successful company to Australia combining technology, people, and a commitment to a sustainable future."

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