Snowy SUV

Range per fill*

650 km

Filling Time

3-5 m

0-100 kph (secs)


length - 4565mm

width - 1823mm

height - 1655mm

wheelbase - 2780mm

* Estimated Range based on NEDC Global Cycle

Drive Without restraints


without Guilt

The Snowy SUV offers the flexibility of Electric Plug-in and Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology to allow truly clean motoring while being able to travel when and wherever you like.


As Australia's fast-growing Hydrogen Infrastructure proceeds, the Snowy will be able to travel vast distances and do it all with a full refueling experience in as three minutes.

The Snowy is in harmony with Hydrogen-equipped company fleets and areas and offers clean and cost-effective transport for fleets and back-to-base operations. Talk to our team about available and upcoming refueling options in your area.

Australian Made and Developed

With the benefits of Australia's vast Solar to Hydrogen Networks and one of the world's least forgiving testing grounds, the Snowy is developed to be both protective of the environment and protective of the occupants inside.

Anti Microbial Surfacing

Benefitting all users, particularly fleet and sharing type applications, our vehicles feature H2X's Patented Anti-Microbial Finish on all regular touch surfaces to offer maximum protection to occupants from germs and viruses that may be exposed within the car.

Benchmark Safety Systems

As advanced technology is our world, our safety specifications are exceptional. The entire vehicle is monitored onboard and remotely at our own monitoring centers to ensure passenger safety, and all our vehicles are offered with Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision-Avoidance, and Lane Change Assistance Systems.


Maximum Power Output (whole system)

190kW peak system output

Vehicle Range on Full Tank  (NEDC Cycle)

650km  (approximately)

Acceleration 0-100km/h

6.9 seconds

Drive System

Front Wheel Drive

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